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Drug Possession Attorney in Liberty County

Drug Possession Charges

Being found in possession of drugs, whether or not you are seen using them or intend to sell them, is grounds for criminal prosecution. Several things can affect the potential penalties you may face. These include the type of drug involved (for example, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana) as well as the amount in your possession. They can include in what kind of location you were holding the drugs and other circumstances involved. If you were judged to have the drug in your possession for the purposes of selling it, this more specific charge may apply. If you have been charged with possession Liberty County drug crimes lawyer can review your case and determine what penalties you may be facing and what can be done about it.

What Can Be Done

Attorney Doug Atkinson will review all aspects of your case in an attempt to uncover any instances of injustice or evidences which can support your defense. One of the things he will look into is any police searches that occurred, whether they are of your person, your vehicle or your home. Legally, these can only be done as a direct result of reasonable suspicion or probable cause. In some cases, such as in searches of your home, a search warrant is required. If the laws regarding acceptable police conduct in searches have been disobeyed, this is a violation of your fourth amendment rights. This can pave the way for a motion to suppress evidence and potentially lead to the collapse of the prosecution's case against you. This is just one example of the possible defenses for which your attorney knows to look. He has a range of tools at his disposal yet still treats each case with the fresh approach demanded by each unique situation.

Contact a Liberty County drug possession attorney for help with your legal defense if you have been charged with possession of drugs.

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