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Liberty County Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer

Drug Manufacturing Charges

Drug manufacturing is a charge which can be filed if you are found to be making drugs, whether or not you are directly involved in their sale or distribution. Drug manufacturing differs from drug cultivation in that it refers to processes of a controlled and chemical nature, as opposed to the activities around growing plants used as drugs. Charges can be brought for manufacturing if you were directly involved in the process, operated a meth lab or similar, or financed illegal drug manufacturing. You may also face prosecution for conspiracy to manufacture drugs if you entered into an agreement to do so, whether or not any manufacturing had taken place at the time of your arrest.

If you are facing manufacturing charges in any kind of circumstance, a Liberty County drug crimes attorney should be contacted for legal assistance as soon as possible. Drug crimes are prosecuted heavily and the punishments involved can be similarly severe. Depending on the type of drug involved, the scale of the operation and other such factors, exact penalties will change, but may include prison time. It is important you have competent legal representation fighting on your side.

Preparing Your Defense

Attorney Doug Atkinson will launch an aggressive investigation which includes a thorough review of the many facets of your case. These may include such specifics as:
  • Were unlawful actions undertaken by police? This may include illegal wiretaps, lack of valid search warrants, or improper seizure of drugs, amongst other examples.
  • Were you actually in any way connected to the drugs and manufacturing equipment found and if so, to what extent?
  • Were you even aware that your tenant, roommate or child was involved in manufacturing drugs in your home?

He will also review the evidence the prosecution hold and from there build a strong defense with the purpose of defending your rights and freedom.

Contact a Liberty County drug manufacturing defense lawyer for legal representation if you have been charged with drug manufacturing.

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