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Liberty County Drug Cultivation Attorney

Consequences of Drug Cultivation

Drug cultivation charges involve the growing of plants used as drugs. They can address relatively small scale activities, for example, those undertaken in your home or yard. They can also apply to large scale operations involving mass production and many personnel. Whatever the circumstances of your alleged illegal activity, a Liberty County drug crimes lawyer can assist you in understanding your legal options and building your defense.

This charge most commonly involves the production of marijuana but can also apply more broadly. The type of drug and the scale of the operation, along with other circumstances, can affect the punishments involved. Prison time, fines, probation and seizure of property are all potential consequences if convicted. It is important you have qualified legal representation to defend your rights and freedom.

Help is Available

Attorney Doug Atkinson has the knowledge and experience to allow him to competently investigate your case in search of information or evidence which can help to build a strong defense. He will review police actions taken in your case to check for any injustices which should be corrected and may have a significant bearing on the outcome of your case. He can delve into the specifics of what actually occurred to attempt to protect you from any misconstrued information or twisting of facts which are being held against you. He will also demand to see the evidence the prosecution plans to use against you and check for points which invalidate the evidence or make it inadmissible. He will work with all of these points to prepare a strategic defense and will aggressively represent you in court. His firm also offers a free initial consultation so that you may meet with an attorney and gain a better understanding of your case and what can be done for you.

Contact a Liberty County drug cultivation attorney for legal help if you are facing drug cultivation charges.

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