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DWI Defenses

Case Review

Many people believe a DWI to be something of an open and shut case. There are, however, many facets a competent Liberty County DWI attorney can review which may yield information or evidence that has a material impact on your defense. It may happen that the prosecution's evidence is found to be in error or inadmissible. Thorough investigation and cross-examination can reveal witness testimony to be inaccurate. Even test results may be open to question in certain instances. Factors of a case which deserve review include:
  • In cases where it is open to question, can it be proven that you were actually driving the vehicle?
  • Did the officer who stopped you have sufficient reason to do so, or was he or she not acting in accordance with the law?
  • Were the field sobriety tests administered approved tests that were carried out and judged fairly and accurately? Did road conditions, weather conditions or physical injury or disability prevent you from competently carrying out the test?
  • Was a breath test administered correctly and with properly calibrated and functioning equipment? What of the lack of access to software for independent validation of results?
  • Was blood drawn correctly and was the sample free of violation? Were laboratory tests carried out effectively to produce accurate results?

DWI Attorney in Liberty County

Attorney Doug Atkinson has a tremendous familiarity with the intricacies of DWI cases and will approach your unique case energetically. Any violation of your rights or errors in the administration of justice is serious matters that demand attention in your case. He will work actively and aggressively in exposing such instances, in seeking evidence to be used in your favor and in building the strongest defense possible. His purpose is to try to help you avoid conviction and penalties.

Contact a Liberty County DWI attorney for help building a strong defense in your DWI case.

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