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Liberty County Criminal Defense Attorney

Aggressive DWI and Drug Crime Defense for Liberty County Residents

Without an experienced defense attorney by your side, your DWI or drug crime case puts you at risk for harsh penalties and the full weight of the law. By working with Douglas W. Atkinson, Attorney at Law, you can trust in the representation you have by your side.

Attorney Doug Atkinson has served Liberty County, TX since 1998 and can help you!
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What to Do After Your Arrest

Your first step after being arrested with an allegedly high blood alcohol content level or suspicion of having committed a drug crime is to retain legal help at once. Attorney Atkinson will take every step necessary to defend clients against the charges they are facing.

He defends clients against all manner of charges, including:

If you are charged with a criminal offense, you should not make any statements to police until you have an attorney present. Remain silent and contact an attorney immediately, someone who can guide your case so it is addressed as intelligently as possible.

Facing Charges? Call (936) 229-4899 today!

When you are facing a criminal charge and the possibility of the loss of your freedom, you will want to hire the right attorney. When you choose Attorney Doug Atkinson, he will take your case seriously and follow the proper steps to pursue the best possible outcome. He will begin by thoroughly investigating your case and seeking errors in the traffic stop or arrest.

Contact a Liberty County criminal defense attorney for legal advice and help fighting for your rights and freedom if you are in the frightening situation of facing criminal charges.

Douglas W. Atkinson - Liberty County DWI and Drug Crime Lawyer
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